• modeling of transients in pressurized pipes
  • transient test-based techniques for fault detection in pipe systems
  • pressure control by PRVs
  • optimal management of pumping systems
  • groundwater management by global datasets

Progetto finanziato dalla Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia FondazioneCassaRisparmiodiPerugia-1479915370su “Analisi degli eventi sismici sulle risorse idriche e gli impianti idraulici e possibili azioni di contrasto (2017.0234.021)

PORTABLE PRESSURE WAVE MAKER (PPWM) DEVICE for generating safe transients, awarded within H2O 2016 Int. Water Fair

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Water Distribution System Analysis History Project 


(sponsored by the Environmental and Water Resources Institute – EWRI)

Bruno Brunones interview as one of 47 respondents in the world — engineers, modelers, researchers and practitioners — who made significant contributions to the development of the field of the Water Distribution Systems Analysis (WDSA).